What does the abbreviation PAWG stand for?

According to Cyber Definitions and Urban Dictionary, amongst other on-line dictionary apps, the abbreviation PAWG stands for “ phat ass white girl. ” This trending internet gull term refers to an attractive caucasian woman who has a boastfully butt. This is considered to be derived from the term PHAT, which stands for “ reasonably hot and tempt. ”
While the terminus PAWG is intended to be a compliment, it is considered sexist and offensive. This term objectifies women and should never be used in polite ship’s company. There are many early ways that people can compliment women without reducing them down to their intimate organs or features. People should think doubly ahead using the term PAWG to describe person because this can be considered very offensive or coarse .
According to The Free Dictionary, the acronym PAWG can besides stand for a few other unlike meanings, though these are less common. When using an acronym that has multiple different potential definitions, one should exercise caution and ensure that they provide proper context so that the subscriber is not confused or offended – you wouldn ’ thyroxine want person intend you meant “ phat arsenic flannel girl ” when you actually meant “ Pennsylvania Wing ! ”

  • Pennsylvania Wing (Civil Air Patrol)
  • Pissed Americans With Guns (gaming clan)
  • Protected Areas Working Group
  • Photonic Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • PICA Assignment Working Group
  • Premiere Anime Weight-Gain
  • Pinedale Anticline Working Group

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Is the abbreviation PAWG casual or formal?

The term PAWG is considered highly casual and informal and should nee be used in a professional or formal adjust. This common term should only be reserved for use in informal settings because it could cause big offense if used anywhere else. The term PAWG should never be used in business settings – whether that includes emails, negotiations, or even casual office chitchat. Using this condition in a professional set is barely asking for a charge to homo resources. It is considered male chauvinist, objectifying and ill-bred, and should be avoided at all costs in the workplace .

What are synonyms and antonyms for the acronym PAWG?

There are many different words that one can use in put of the term PAWG to describe person who is fuller figured or bosomy. person might choose to use one of these synonyms in place of the term PAWG because they want to be less common, need to adjust their tone to fit a certain context, or because they just want to avoid repeating themselves, or want to expand their vocabulary. This list of synonym field-grade officer rPAWG is provided by Thesaurus .

  • proportioned
  • well-formed
  • rounded
  • built
  • curvy
  • regular
  • full-figured
  • pleasing
  • thicc
  • well-turned
  • thick
  • curvaceous
  • trim
  • sylphlike
  • beautiful
  • dumpy
  • shapely
  • statuesque
  • neat
  • elegant
  • well-proportioned
  • dumptruck
  • symmetrical
  • balanced
  • junk in the trunk
  • graceful
  • sightly
  • comely

There are besides a overplus of words that mean the opposite of PAWG. These are considered antonym. If you are describing person who is very scraggy or skinny, or the reverse of bosomy, you can sue one of the follow antonym for PAWG, besides from Thesaurus .

  • twiglike
  • meager
  • attenuate
  • wizened
  • wasted
  • fine
  • gaunt
  • pinched
  • subtle
  • ethereal
  • haggard
  • pole
  • slight
  • beanstalk
  • lean
  • emaciated
  • stilt
  • scrawny
  • twiggy
  • stalky
  • slender
  • lanky
  • small
  • thin
  • shadow
  • reedy
  • spindly
  • starved
  • lank
  • stick
  • rickety
  • peaked
  • threadlike
  • bony
  • shriveled
  • lightweight
  • beanpole
  • skeletal
  • featherweight
  • scraggy
  • narrow
  • puny
  • attenuated
  • slim
  • rawboned
  • delicate
  • rangy
  • slinky
  • underweight
  • undernourished
  • gangling
  • light
  • gangly
  • fragile
  • spare
  • skinny
  • cadaverous
  • wan
  • rarefied

How can the acronym PAWG be used in a sentence?

The acronym PAWG can be used in a variety of unlike circumstances, but it is most frequently used when groups of men are discussing women ’ sulfur bodies in an depersonalize, dehumanize, and sexist way. In this example, Trevor, Tyler, and Tony are discussing the women that they met at a bar the night before .
Trevor : I met this tall, blond exemplary. She was so beautiful .
tyler : You take her home ?
Trevor : Nah, she wouldn ’ thyroxine give me the clock of day. How about you ?
tyler : No one very hitch my center. slow night for Tyler ! How about you, Tony ?
Tony : I met this smoke hot girlfriend, sum PAWG. Amazing body.

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Trever : Oh actually ? What ’ s her name ?
Tony : No estimate !
tyler : LMAO .
As you can see in the above exercise, Tony, Tyler, and Trevor are using the term PAWG to objectify women. In the following exemplar, Janelle is talking to her acquaintance Kenzie about Tony, whom she met the nox prior .
Kenzie : Did you meet anyone final night ?
Janelle : Ugh, sort of .
Kenzie : What do you mean ?
Janelle : There was this one guy, Tony. He seemed actually nice at first but then I heard him whispering to his friends that I was a “ sum PAWG ” … I dunno, it very turned me off. Like, I just want to find person who likes me for who I am, not my body .
Kenzie : Ew, what a hog ! You deserve way better. Want me to hook you up with my frump trainer ? HE ’ mho ace hot, loves dogs, and is like one of the nicest guy I ’ ve ever met .
Janelle : Heck yeah !

here, Janelle tells Kenzie that she was offended by hearing Tony describe her as a PAWG .
overall, the acronym PAWG is a common slang son that most much stands for phat ass white daughter. This offensive, male chauvinist term is used to describe flannel women who have big butt. This term should be used meagerly as it can cause great offense. In most cases, you should opt for another term. This term is frequently used on social media and porn sites .


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