fruity breakfasts in general are great, but apples demand that you core and slice them and bananas have their slippery peels. Blueberries alone ask that you love them as they are. The anil fruits can easily be dumped into a batter, blended into a smoothie, or plopped onto a breakfast roll with no supernumerary legwork, arrant for those faineant, early morning meals put together while you ’ re still gathering your wits and senses. Or you can bake blueberry muffins ahead of time and grab-and-go for the adjacent few days. now that blueberries are reaching their sweetest summer extremum, it ’ south clock time to explore all the ways you can incorporate them into your breakfast everyday. here are 15 tested, dependable, and beautifully blue ideas. ( But don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget about savory berry recipes and easy yield desserts, either. )

2. Ultimate Blueberry Muffins

boughten blueberry muffins tend to be all cake and not enough blueberry. This recipe rights those wrongs by not alone jam packing each muffin full of berries, but besides by adding a crisp streusel crumb on top to keep things lively. Get our Ultimate Blueberry Muffins recipe.

5. Blueberry-Spice Coffee Cake

Choosing between blueberry muffins or chocolate coat while staring at the pastry font is an impossibly hard decision, the hardest one you might make before you ’ ve had your good morning caffe latte. But these cakes let you have it both ways—call it a gain, not a compromise. Get our Blueberry-Spice Coffee Cake recipe.

7. Blueberry Cobbler

Simple adequate to make by the campfire but tasty enough to make on a Sunday good morning at home, this blueberry cobbler recipe is made of good flour, butter, baking powderize, buttermilk, a moderate amount of sugar, and fresh blueberries—so yes, you can wholly eat it for breakfast besides. Just possibly skip the ice rink cream in the dawn ( or don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate ; wholly up to you ). Get our Blueberry Cobbler recipe.

8. Lemon Blueberry Granola

Blueberries aren ’ thyroxine barely balmy and spongy, they can have a bit of an border, besides. This recipe pairs the dried berries up with almonds, oats, flax seed, and lemon zest for a granola that crunches and captivates with each pungency. Get the Lemon Blueberry Granola recipe.

10. Blueberry Lemon Sweet Rolls

When these rolls go in the oven, they ’ re mere swaths of pale boodle with fresh blueberries tucked between the layers. But when they come out, they ’ rhenium golden spirals with succulent indigo juice seeping from the crevices—how ’ s that for a sum transformation ? Get the Blueberry Lemon Sweet Rolls recipe .

11. Baked Blueberry Doughnuts

Someone celebrated once said, “ If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it. ” But when it comes to food, at least, the saying should be, “ If you like it then you should put it into a ring—a ring resound, that is. ” So blueberry doughnuts are a no-brainer, particularly with a lemon glaze. Get the Baked Blueberry Doughnuts recipe .

12. Blueberry Chia Overnight Oats

Chia source pudding might good be the best way to feel like you ’ rhenium corrode dessert for breakfast while actually keeping it supernumerary healthy. This recipe calls for soaking the seeds overnight, meaning that you can puree a moment of fruit ( like blueberries ) into the soak liquid, for an extra sweetly stress. Get the Blueberry Chia Overnight Oats recipe .

15. Slow Cooker Blueberry Butter

Reserve this slowly Crock-Pot fruit butter for when your blueberry addiction gets so across-the-board that you can ’ metric ton aid but plop or spread blueberries on anything and everything ( although we ’ five hundred suggest starting off with toast or swirling it into yogurt ). Get our Slow Cooker Blueberry Butter recipe.

14. Blueberry Smoothie

You could call this blueberries and treble cream : this smoothie gets luxuriantly rich from the addition of yogurt, milk, and good banana. Sneaky spinach leaves add extra nutrients, and a little nutmeg and honey round out the flavors. Get our Healthy Blueberry Smoothie recipe .

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