This novice friendly tutorial show how to draw a house in nine steps. It includes simple illustrations and drawing instructions for each one .

House drawing step by step
This is a very simpleton draw of a house but it ’ randomness distillery recommended that you start with a pencil and make light lines for the first seven step. You may need to erase some parts of the draw in step eight and easy lines besides make it a lot easier to correct mistakes .

Step 1 – Draw the First Section of the House

House section drawing
Draw the first part of the house

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Step 2 – Draw the First Section of the Roof

House roof section drawing
Add the roof with it ’ randomness edges hanging slenderly over that section of the house .

Step 3 – Draw the Second Section of the House

House sections outline drawing
Onto the first section add the second base section of the firm along with it ’ mho roof .

Step 4 – Draw the Outlines of the Windows

House window outlines drawing
Draw the outlines of the windows. One large windowpane for each section of the house and one minor one at the top of the first part ( normally these tend to be for the loft ) .

Step 5 – Draw the Door

House door drawing
Draw the door with a little chopine below it ( basically one step ) .

Step 6 – Draw the Chimney

House chimney drawing
Draw the chimney at the top of the second section of the house .

Step 7 – Draw the Smaller Details

House window frames drawing
Draw the window frames by first basically tracing a smaller rectangle inside the larger windows and then adding the dividers for all of them.

You can besides add a handle to the door ( simple make it round ) .

Step 8 – Finish the Line Drawing

House line drawing
To make the house look a little more lively you can add some bushes in a few area around it. To do this plainly erase that separate of the sign of the zodiac and draw the bushes with sort of “ cloud like ” shapes .
once you confirm that everything seems to be in the right place go over go over your drawing with either dark pencil lines, total darkness penitentiary or marker .

Step 9 – Color the House

House drawing
You can use anything you like to color the draw ( pencils, paints, markers, etc… ) .
For a nice tinge combination you can make the house yellow, the roof red, and the windows blue .
Make the door brown and the bushes green. You can leave the frames around the larger windows white.


This is a identical bare draw of a sign of the zodiac. If you are a novice artist the independent challenge for you may be drawing all of the square lines. You could use a rule to make things easier but if you want to improve it ’ s recommended that you simply try your best without it .
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