The 🀠 Cowboy Emoji: 10 Reasons Why This Emoji Is So Hot Right Now

We use emojis every day in our textbook and social media posts, from smileys to high-fives. And don ’ t we just love them ! Emojis are in the thick of our conversations, with our kin, friends, even with our colleagues. In a world where so much of our communication is through texting, emojis supplement and enhance words by providing strong emotions .
To add, did you know that according to the Unicode Standard, the official governing body of emojis, there are 3,178 emojis in the universe ?
Out of all those emojis, one symbol is making waves in the emoji universe, and that is the 🀠 Cowboy emoji. Yes, those sawhorse riding, gun-toting fellas are taking over the Internet, and many people ’ randomness hearts !
If you need more proof, well, get ready to giddy-up because we ’ re here to present to you 10 reasons you ’ ve got to have cowboys and the Cowboy emoji in all your text, emails, and social media posts.

What Is The Cowboy Emoji?

cowboy emoji, face with cowboy hat emoji
Before we embark on our western adventure, let ’ s go through a basic round-up of what the Cowboy emoji is about. A Cowboy emoji, sometimes called a 🀠 Cowboy Hat Face emoji, is a yellow face with a broad smile wearing a wide-brimmed, brown leather cowboy hat. In some platforms, like Facebook and Joy Pixels, the Cowboy emoji is wearing more of a smirk than a wide smile .

Where To Find The Cowboy Emoji?

Cowboy emoji, Cowboy Face, Cowboy symbol
The 🀠 Cowboy emoji is available for on-line platforms, Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, JoyPixels, and Samsung. If you want to add some country flair to your text or social media posts, the 🀠 Cowboy emoji is your guy !
Let ’ s go on to the foremost reason .

1. The Meaning Of Cowboy Emoji

Cowboy emoji, Cowboy Face emoji, Cowboy symbol, Cowboy
As you can see, the 🀠 Cowboy emoji looks very elated and glad .
It is sometimes used to emphasize that person is agile, or good at solving something. In other words, the 🀠 Cowboy emoji has a positive tone. possibly that is why many people gravitate toward it. Did you know that, based on a cogitation made by software engineer Simo Tchokni of the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, more people are attracted to positivist emojis than veto ones .
This could be one reason so many people can ’ metric ton get enough of the playfulness lovin ’ Cowboy emoji !

2. Old Town Road By Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X, Old Town Road, country song, country music We are all aware of the might of music .
last class, American rapper Lil Nas X ’ s hit birdcall β€œ Old Town Road ” debuted on Billboard ’ s cross-genre Hot 100 graph, the Hot Country Songs chart and the Hot R & B /Hip-Hop Songs chart all at once. β€œ Old Town Road β€œ finally reached the top spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 and stayed there for 19 weeks, the longest time for any birdcall since the chart began in 1958 !
Before it slayed the charts, the tune first gear became celebrated on enormously popular social network TikTok .
therefore, how does this get in touch to the Cowboy emoji ? β€œ Old Town Road ” is a song about an individual restless by his material possessions. He is tired of his hedonic, consumerist life style, so he gives up all he has, heads out for the capable road, and becomes, yes, a cowboy .

3. Yeehaw Agenda

Solange Knowles, Solange, Yeehaw Agenda, When I Get Home, Yeehaw, Cowboy Unless you ’ ve been living under a rock ‘n’ roll, we bet you ’ ve seen all the cowboy and β€œ yeehaw ” memes .
Yup, the Internet is the fresh frontier for memes of this type which have been spreading through respective themes and formats like social media .
What could be the reason for this ? many experts speculate it ’ second because of the Yeehaw Agenda. The Yeehaw Agenda is a reclamation of cowboy narratives initiated and pushed by celebrities of african-american lineage. According to these celebrities, mainstream pop culture whitewashed the american cowboy, and they would like to show that not all cowboys are white .
A large advocate of the Yeehaw bandwagon is singer Solange Knowles. Her album was even inspired by it. Solange ’ s most holocene musical compilation, β€œ When I Get Home, ” is inspired by her experience growing up in Texas with African- american cowboys and cowgirls. american rapper Cardi B besides showed her corroborate for the Yeehaw Agenda equally well. One way she did it was by wearing cowgirl-inspired outfits in her Thotiana music video .
We know how influential celebrities are. It ’ s not besides far to believe that the popularity of Cowboy emojis could have been influenced by this !

4. TikTok Yee Haw Meme Challenge

Yeehaw Challenge, Tiktok, Yeehaw, Yeehaw agenda As previously mentioned, cowboy-related memes are spreading like wildfire over the Internet. It has even gone over to video-sharing, social network overhaul TikTok ! If you ’ re one of the six million users of this popular app, you ’ ve most likely come across the β€œ Yee Haw Challenge. ”
In this challenge, users turn into a cowboy or cowgirl after drinking a beverage called β€œ yee hawthorn juice. ” Playing in the background as they do the challenge is β€œ Old Town Road ” by Lil Nas X. The challenge is so popular, as of this write, 1.8 million videos were upload and tagged with # YeehawChallenge .
Yeehaw challenge, Yeehaw, Yeehaw Agenda, Yeehaw Challenge Tiktok compilation With over 500 million monthly users, TikTok is, without a doubt, a trendsetter and hitmaker. Thanks to TikTok, the cowboy life and cowboy life style just got another layer of cool .

5. Cowboy movies

Eminence Hill, Western movie, Cowboy movie end year, Hollywood experienced a revival of westerly films with the handout of two talked about movies. One movie is β€œ Eminence Hill, ” a movie set in the Wild, Wild West Era. Another movie is β€œ East Of Yuma, ” about a cowboy from Yuma City, Arizona, who tracks down his uncle ’ mho killers .
East Of Yuma movie, East Of Yuma, Cowboy movie, Western movie, Wild, Wild, West A year after Hollywood released those Westerns, the sexual love Tinseltown has for cowboys spills over into this year. In the approaching months, a movie about Billy The Kid, one of the most ill-famed outlaws in american history, will hit theaters. Another film, a horror western titled β€œ Spirit Of The Reckoning, ” starring Sean Patrick Flanery comes out in 2020 .
To say that cowboys are having a spot of a renaissance correct now is decidedly an understatement !

6. Cowboy appeal

Every Halloween, you ’ ll see kids dressing up as cowboys .
Kids dressing up as cowboys, Kids in cowboy costumes, Cowboy costumes This says a lot about the ageless and ageless charm of the Wild, Wild, West. An immediately recognizable symbol of America, cowboys are the bringers of the pioneer, frontiersmen spirit. They live the rugged, state life style, filled with venture. For many individuals, specially those who are nature-lovers and thrill-seekers, to have that kind of a life style is a pipe dream come true .
Cowboy, Wild, Wild, West, Western, Cowboy riding a horse Taking into score all that the cowboy symbolizes, it ’ sulfur no storm why spill about cowboys continue to light up on-line chats and social media posts all over the world .

7. Cowboy Fashion For Women

Cowgirl fashion, western wear for women, western looks, cowboy boots, country chic Hollywood international relations and security network ’ t the only industry in the middle of a westerly revival. The fashion universe ’ sulfur having a bit of a renaissance, besides .
Cowboy dash women ’ randomness boots made a big splash on the track last year, and the tendency is getting an upgrade in 2020. You can expect the like Western vibes, but with more bling. Metallics, embellishment, glitters – you name it, you ’ ll see it on women in 2020 .

8. Cowboy Fashion For Men

Cowboy chic, Western look for men,Holiday Boileau It seems westerly wear is trending in men ’ second fashion, besides. french trade name Holiday Boileau featured a collection of white jeans with an illustration of a cowboy .
To go with that, another clothing caller, Celine, gave a more elusive nod to the cowboy front in its drop 2019 collection. Some Western-style pieces were idle aristocratic washed jeans, snakeskin jackets and pocket shirts .
As more and more men and women channel their inside cowboy with clothes, symbols related to cowboys like the 🀠 Cowboy emoji, and the 🌡 Cactus emoji, are expected to get more on-line employment, excessively .

9. Sad Cowboy Meme

Sad Cowboy emoji, Sad Cowboy, Sad Cowboy smiley We ’ ve all listen of β€œ accidental stars, ” individuals that never dreamed of becoming a celebrity. They were just at the correct rate at the correct time. apparently, it happens not lone to people, emojis and memes can become β€œ accidental stars, ” excessively .
If you haven ’ t guessed it, we ’ ra talking about the omnipresent and slenderly ill-famed Sad Cowboy meme. once you see it, it looks like an emoji, but don ’ t try finding it in your telephone, because it is technically a meme, even if it looks like an emoji .
Don ’ t concern if it sounds confuse, we are about to explain that in a bite. πŸ™‚
We don ’ metric ton know who created the Sad Cowboy meme, or why it was created. What we do know is how it was created. The inventor merged the Cowboy emoji and the πŸ˜” Pensive Face emoji to create it .
Sad Cowboy emoji, Sad Cowboy emoji shirts, Sad Cowboy emoji merchandise, Sad Cowboy, Yee Haw, Haw Yee Described by many as the β€œ most tragic figure in the Wild, Wild West, ” the Sad Cowboy has turned into a brand of its own. Merchandise like t-shirts, stickers, and evening home decorations featuring the Sad Cowboy emoji logo, are being sold on-line .
Sad cowboy emoji, Sad cowboy emoji pin, Sad Cowboy symbol, Sad Cowboy As the meme becomes more popular, it won ’ thymine be long before the Unicode Standard makes it officially an emoji. We know you ’ re excited to use it in your social media posts, but unfortunately, you ’ ll have to wait a lil spot longer- most major on-line platforms need to have the Unicode ’ s approval before they include it in their list of emojis .
We don ’ thyroxine think it will be that long a wait, though .
There ’ s an ongoing request to make the Sad Cowboy meme official, then if you ’ re a fan of this meme, immediately ’ second not the time to lose hope .

10. Cowboy celebrity looks

Gigi Hadiid, Country chic, Western wear Yee-haw ! Cowboy-inspired looks are all the rage in Tinsel town, thanks to a match of celebrities who ’ ve helped bring the cowboy look back into the public eye .
Some celebrities recently spotted wearing cowgirl-inspired pieces are supermodel Gigi Hadid, and american english singer-songwriter Pink. At the 2019 CDFA Vogue Fashion Fund Fund Awards, Gigi wore brown croc-embossed western boots .
Pink and family in Western wear, Pink and family, Pink and family in country chic At the Country Music Awards final year, Pink rocked a brown and orange cowboy hat. The democratic singer brought her son, who was wearing cowboy boots with an flowery radiation pattern, and her daughter Willow. Willow was in cowgirl attire, besides .
We are all aware of the about ineluctable influence celebrities have on human polish. We talk about who they are dating, what they wear. And since a lot of celebrities have been cowboy-inspired looks, you can decidedly expect a spike heel in cowboy-related discussions in the follow months.


To sum it all up, you bet there is fair no better time to channel your inside cowgirl or cowboy. As we ’ ve prove in 10 significant reasons, the cowboy culture is still alive and well !
Having said that, if you haven ’ t been posting cowboy emojis on your social media accounts, or creating # yeehaw Tiktok video for family and friends… what are you waiting for ? The time is NOW to show off your beloved for animals, the outdoors, and just about everything about the Wild, Wild, West !

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