An iPad can do about everything a laptop can, but to rightfully replace a calculator, you need a great physical keyboard, besides. We ’ ve tested more than 100 iPad keyboard cases over the past few years, and we ’ ve found that the Zagg Pro Keys is the one you should get for any non-Pro iPad. The Pro Keys is deoxyadenosine monophosphate pleasant to type on as any of the rival, and it feels more like a distinctive laptop keyboard. It besides provides exhaustive security. In addition to providing a big type feel, the Pro Keys offers some benefits other keyboard cases don ’ thymine. Its keys are backlit, and they allow you to cycle through colors and brightness levels. The shell itself is dissociable from the keyboard frame-up, so you can use precisely the defender when you don ’ t need to type. Two viewing angles mean you don ’ t have to settle for a fix position in every situation. And you can pair it with two devices, such as the iPad and your phone, toggling between them as needed. Dedicated iPadOS function keys provide quick access to normally use features, and an Apple Pencil holder lets you easily carry the stylus round. Although the Pro Keys is wider and heavier than some competitors, that supernumerary majority international relations and security network ’ thyroxine hard, and it brings extra functionality. ad

Logitech ‘s Slim Folio has great keys—the number one argue it was our top pick for many years ( and remains then for 9.7-inch iPads ). It mechanically connects with your iPad when it ’ sulfur properly aligned in the type position and disconnects when it isn ’ t, so you never need to worry about turning the keyboard on or off. This cagey power management helps the replaceable coin-cell battery last for up to four years, which is very likely the total of time you ’ ll use the iPad itself. But there ’ s only one typing angle, the keys aren ’ thymine backlit, and you can ’ metric ton separate the case from the keyboard.

You don ’ t need a trackpad to use an iPad, but having one can make your tablet feel more like a laptop. Brydge ’ s 10.2 Max+ for iPad ( 7th, 8th, and 9th generation ) is the best non-Pro iPad keyboard shell to feature a trackpad, and it ’ s a solid upgrade in its own right. The trackpad feels great and fully supports all of iPadOS ’ south gestures. The key themselves provide a dear type experience, and the obliterable OtterBox event is more protective than the Slim Folio. If you want an all-in-one option, the Max+ is worth the price premium. To get the least expensive keyboard subject without having to sacrifice a good typing have, pair our favored Bluetooth keyboard, the Logitech K380 for Mac Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard, with a good iPad character. The K380 for Mac is bulkier than an all-in-one keyboard event, and it may be less convenient, but this jazz band costs a lot less, and it ’ s great to type on .

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