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Lyrics generated using Artificial news
This web site generates completely original lyrics for assorted topics, uses state of the art AI to generate an master choir and master verses
You can choose the AI songwriter lyrics subject, lyrics genre and lyric climate

Generate Your Own Lyrics

Type a song topic word and then press the “Generate My Lyrics” button

Type a sung topic son and then press the “ Generate My Lyrics ” push button model Song Topics : love, party, dance, felicitous, or homo names such as cock, jennifier, bella, alex,
or you can even generate songs by emoji 😊, 😎, ❤, 💋, ☀️, 💩, 🍌, 🏖️, 🍺, 🍀 or etc … ️

song topic :

Lyrics Genre :

Country nation
Metal alloy
Rock rock
Pop pop
Rap rap
EDM EDM lyric climate :

Very Sad very sad
Sad sad
Neutral neutral
Happy glad
Very Happy very felicitous

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What people are saying about
  • “Thats really good, love it, hope you can add more topics soon!”
    – Thiago
  • “This is gonna be a hit single” – internetmoths
  • “I typed in the word “California” and got back an immediate smash hit, you have to try this” – Ethan
  • “Really cool resource you created!” – CaliBrewed
  • “Someone needs to run this through a text-to-speech and auto tune with a beat. My wife and I are cracking up over these!” – Observer0x1a4
  • “Dude I love this! I should sing them in a Brooklyn bar as they are generated by the audience” – Nathan
  • “This is my new favorite way to pass time.”
    – the_zword
  • “Better and more original than anything I’ve encountered so far. It puts out way less nonsensical gibberish the other lyric generators do.” – Anon
  • “I absolutely love this tool. It’s fantastic!” – GrimmHooke
  • “So good! I’m getting so much inspiration from this! Thank you! Also, please add years for the topics if you can!” – Spens
  • “Funny and scary” – Nachis
  • “I ABSOLITLY LOVE IT, I just want to see how it grows like a child!” – Gemma
  • “This is an excellent tool to help when you are stuck! It would be great to implement a rhyme system, which allows you to choose between several types of rhymes, such as ABAB AABB ABCAB and so on. It’s still a great tool! Keep updating it! !” – David
  • “my topic was gay and it generated a lyric about a gay guy that loves a girl :(” – GayGuy
  • “Please keep this. It’s already inspired me already. Even if at time’s it’s not hugely useful – its hilarious.” – uponacliff
  • “This is absolutely hilarious. Sent to all my friends and family and we are having the best time with it. Thanks for sharing!” – preemptive_reg
  • “I think its very cool and I will steal some lyrics from it” – Luis
  • “some of the lyrics are really good, song structured well..others just really ridiculous” – fritz
  • “This is now the only way I write songs thank you sir” – Jon
  • “This is bananas” – Max
  • “Its great! Generates a manner of somewhat coherent lyrics. Pretty cool.” – Kerbo
  • “I loved it, I’m about to make a presentation on college about your project” – Vinicius
  • “Grammy material.” – st8ic
  • “I’m pretty sure you are pretty close to making a real life Skynet here” – clorky123
  • “Wow, this seems really impressive” – ScruffyNerfHerder66
  • “I tried something challenging and the results are pretty good” – thereyougo
  • “Already inspired my next song” – MBK123
  • “I really love this! everything about this is perfect, from ease of use to the distinct stylistic and emotional variation when different options are picked. If I had to pick one thing to make this even better, it would be an option to combine styles. Good stuff.” – Damian
  • “Amazing, outstanding and beautiful.” – ERLICORN
  • “I looooooved it, i used it to get an idea/inspiration and it really helped me out. Thank you very much” – Hemanta
  • “Best song gen. ever” – SM
  • “it’s really good for song inspo” – charli
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