top 5 Ways to Fix ‘ You Don ’ t Have Permission To Access on this Server ’

Want to know how you can besides fix the error of “ you don’t have permission to access on this server ” ? of your browser page, then you are at a proper place, so prevent reading .

This mistake can be caused due to three conditions and it chiefly shows up in the  Mozilla Firefox browser because sometimes the browser tries to access the web-page with different proxy settings or a VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) is connected with your windows personal computer .

Methods to fixYou Don’t Have Permission To Access on this Server

It is an easy cook and it broadly takes a few minutes to fix these errors of access denied web site, so follow the solutions given below pace by footprint and your mistake will be fixed in no clock time at all .

besides, remember to follow the steps in the right order because it can mess things up for you if you missed the correct order of things .

Solution 1. Clear Browser data

sometimes this erroneousness occurs because some cookies are stored in your browser, the web site might try to block it by showing this kind of erroneousness .

It ’ s an comfortable repair, you just have to clean your cookie data that is stored in your browser. Remember to save your password before trying this method because sometimes with cookies files passwords are deleted besides .

You Don’t Have Permission To Access

1. Look for the  three dots in your browser ( It should be portray on the right side ) .

2. After clicking on it a drop-down menu should appear .

3. Locate the “ Settings  ” button or gear icons for some browsers .

4. A new settings check should open in your browser .

5. Scroll down and find Privacy and security  settings .

6. In it select the option that says Clear Browser Data .

7. A popup should appear in it select all the checkbox and click on “ Clear Data “ .

After it is done resume your browser and reload the page and the error should be gone by now .

Solution 2. Turn off VPN services from VPN Software.

If you are using a VPN serve and getting this mistake try this method acting or if you are not using one you should skip this solution. The VPN that you are using might be connecting you with another country and the web site might be blocked there, so try on disconnecting your VPN from your computer .

You Don’t Have Permission To Access

1. Find the VPN service that you are using orn your computer and open it .

2. After opening it chatter on the Disconnect  button and close the program .

Try refreshing the screen and your problem may fix. If it ’ s not fixed, move to the following solution .

We besides recommend you to download and install, the Advanced System Care tool, it ’ s an all-in-one personal computer optimizer to clean trash files, cross privacy traces and boost inauguration. Speed up with raw AI Mode. Smarter & Faster than always before .

Solution 3. Remove VPN extractions installed.

A VPN extension might be hiding your IP cover and showing it as another countries address and the spy that you are trying to access might be blocked in that area of the country .

you don't have permission to access

1. Open your network browser .

2. Go to settings  like shown in footfall one .

3. Click on the “ Extension ” release at the entrust english menu in settings .

4. Look for any VPN related elongation .

5. Click on the remove  push button.

6. Again cluck on the Remove button of the pop to permanently remove the extension .

Solution 4. Disable Proxy Service of your VPN Provider.

If you have downloaded some leery software from one of the commandeer software sights then they might have changed your proxy typeset. To fix this fair follow the steps .

You Don’t Have Permission To Access

1. Go to your taskbar  at the bottom right of your window .

2. Find your network picture and “ left-click ” on it .

3. A menu will popup, select “ Open Network & Internet Settings “ .

4. After opening on the bottom left you should see a “ Proxy ” button pawl it .

5. Select the toggle button that says “ Automatically detect Setting “ .

Refresh your page to check if your problem “ you don ’ t have license to access on this server ” is fixed or not. If it ’ s hush not fixed you have to manually adjust your proxy set and for doing that follow the next step .

Solution 5. Disable Proxy Service of your LAN.

This dance step broadly fixes the problem. It is like a animal force way of fixing things, so earlier moving to this footfall you should have already finished with earlier fixes in the list .

1. Hold Win + R key to open run commands .

2. On the remark, menu character “ inetcpl.cpl ” and click enter .

3. Find “ Connections ” on the top menu then click on it .

4. Click “ LAN Settings ” on the buttocks .

You Don’t Have Permission To Access

5. In the newfangled Local Area Network ( LAN ) Settings tab find “ Use a proxy server for your LAN ” and uncheck it, if it is checked .

6. then choose Apply  and OK .

After that restart your computer and refresh the foliate and check if the issue of ‘ you don ’ t have permission to access / on this server ’. is fixed. now you should be able to access your web-page without any problems .

General FAQ ’ mho

Q. Why this error is showing?

The Error you don ’ t have license to access on this waiter is basically happening due to three reasons .

The first base reason could be that your browser is loaded with a distribute of cookies data which the server is rejecting, the second base reason could be that is masking your IP and showing a new IP address of another country and the view may be banned in that region of the nation and last, the third argue could be that your Proxy settings are messed up due to some malware or program that you installed .

All three problems are easily fixable so just follow the above steps in the guidebook to fix these problems .

Q. How do I fix this Access Denied error?

equitable follow the footstep by footprint scout provided above to fix this problem with the least sum of fourth dimension. besides, remember to start from first gear and end at last the order of things should be the lapp for fixing this erroneousness .

Bottom Line

This is quite a park error in the modern network browser but it is chiefly seen in the Mozilla Firefox browser and it can besides show up in other browsers besides like google chrome. In the above solution, we have tried to show you the best and fastest way possible to fix this error of Access Denied in very small time .

We hope that this article helped you in fixing your error of “ you don’t have permission to access on this server ” by letting you access your web site that you wished to see .

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